Punk Rock Cunts Will Never Die!

Viva La Cunt!
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Into punk? Got a cunt?
Well this is the place for you!
We are a community designed for girls into punk rock, feminism, and pretty much anything else related.
Feel free to post discussion topics, any artwork, stories, show/album reviews, and you get the point.
This is not a rating community. Yes, when you join we ask you to introduce yourself; but that's just so we can get to know all of our members. We will in no way judge you based on this introduction.

Be respectful to other members and mods.
Don't spam the community with rating community promotions, tons of pictures of yourself, etc. These posts will be deleted and if mods notice this becoming a habit you will be banned.
If posting any lengthy posts, or posts with pictures please use an lj cut, so as not to spam our members friends pages.
When you join, make a post saying your new and a little about yourself. Also, feel free to post pictures of yourself, but don't put a dozen pictures of yourself in different poses. Some people still use dial-up, you know.

Have a concern? Just want to get to know one of your mods?Feel free to contact us.

Angel -
aim: hi im from mars
email: angelSYNDROME@gmail.com

Lisa -
aim: Miss Lisa Boh
email: rancidoll@hotmail.com

Contact one of the mods to become an affiliate!



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