sickgrannie (sickgrannie) wrote in punkcunts,

Name/Nickname: stef
Age: 19
I Am A: walking vagina
Status: freezing cold
Favorite Bands: insane youth, born/dead, chaotic alliance, toy dolls, civil dissident, disfear, conflict, effigy, void, reagan youth, plasmatics, warcollapse, verbal abuse, etc...
Likes: laughter, going to good gigs, smoothies, free booze, painting, drawing, good friends, learning new things, dancing, getting bitten on the neck, ranting, going for walks, getting fucked up in any way possible
Dislikes: consumerism, racism, fascism, class systems, religious fanatics, parents, babies and children, conceptual art, trendy hipster scum, drama, cops, people who are sheep, metal-core, the australian sun

is it just me or is everything on this page is cut off on the left side... because i can only see half of everything :S
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