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Punk Rock Cunts Will Never Die! [entries|friends|calendar]
Viva La Cunt!







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+When you join, make a post saying your new and a little about yourself. Also, feel free to post pictures of yourself, but don't put a dozen pictures of yourself in different poses. Some people still use dial-up, you know.

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[8/21/08 @ 2:33pm]

Punk rock 70-90 http://community.livejournal.com/funhouse_x/profile
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[1/28/08 @ 12:43am]

Name/Nickname: stef
Age: 19
I Am A: walking vagina
Status: freezing cold
Favorite Bands: insane youth, born/dead, chaotic alliance, toy dolls, civil dissident, disfear, conflict, effigy, void, reagan youth, plasmatics, warcollapse, verbal abuse, etc...
Likes: laughter, going to good gigs, smoothies, free booze, painting, drawing, good friends, learning new things, dancing, getting bitten on the neck, ranting, going for walks, getting fucked up in any way possible
Dislikes: consumerism, racism, fascism, class systems, religious fanatics, parents, babies and children, conceptual art, trendy hipster scum, drama, cops, people who are sheep, metal-core, the australian sun

is it just me or is everything on this page is cut off on the left side... because i can only see half of everything :S
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MEET ME. GREET ME. [12/16/07 @ 10:02pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Name/Nickname: Lee, Desolation Rose
Age: 17
I Am A: gay man trapped in a young woman's body
Status: fucking someone
Favorite Bands: The Clash, The Ramones, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, The Distillers, The Libertines, The Misfits
Likes: beer, sex, army helmets, hair dye, gory stuff, snakes, cats, rodents, Nothing Nice To Say
Hates: xedgex, and most television

Like 5 or 6 pics. Do not click if you've no patience.Collapse )

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heeeree's elizabutt! :P [11/25/07 @ 10:35am]

[ mood | energetic ]

Name/Nickname: elizabutt (liz, lizmac(k), lizmackattack, lots )
Age: 15
I Am A: jersey chick!
Status: single
Favorite Bands: the aquabats, cock sparrer, horror pops, anti-flag, distillers, judas priest, gwar, the transplants, streetlight manifesto
 graffiti, drawing, writing, journals, walking, music, dancing... a lot.

:) That's me in a nutshell.

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[4/3/07 @ 11:10am]

i from russia and in this summer i will go workin in usa, state virginia.Are u know somebody punks and hardcore guys from virginia? or maybe anyone of you from this state?
Can you tell me what scene in Virginia, what cool bands( punk,hc,ska,emo,indie) in there?
please if you know any of that send letter on my e-mail punk77@riseup.net, i very need this...)

and else sorry, my english so fuckin bad))))
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Newbie [2/20/07 @ 11:57am]

[ mood | calm ]

Name/Nickname: Keighty
Age: 22
I Am A: dork with DIY and Punk tendencies
Status: in a relationship
Favorite Bands: Defiance, Ohio/ Misfits/ Against Me!/ Leftover Crack/ Minor Threat
Likes/Dislikes: creativity+sharing/unproductivness+blatant assholes

I'm also really into art projects such as Post Secret, 1000 Journals, the Skin Project and Stencil Revolution. If any of you know of and/or participate in those types of projects, let me know about them. No use in keeping them to yourself, ya know!

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[2/1/07 @ 12:06pm]

ok id really like to be in a band
i live in new jersey but only a half hour away from new york city so i can get there easy.
i play bass. im not great or anything but who cares.
anyone near by me who plays guitar/drums?
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[1/29/07 @ 9:38pm]

Hey grrrls, I just added this sweet community!
Basically - I'm 21 and live in Southwest Virginia. I'm majoring in Women's Studies at Virginia Tech.
I am all about music, feminism, activism, gay rights, menstrual liberation, gender issues, and all that good stuff.
I play drums in a punk/riot grrl/rock band that you can check out here if you want!

OK! I'm excited to read this community.
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[12/28/06 @ 11:39am]

Name/Nickname: Esther, Tanky
I Am A:cunt
Favorite Bands: lotssss. adicts, against me, dead kennedys, discharge, nausea, x ray spex, le tigre, gravy train!!!, aus rotten, bad brains, bikini kill, behind enemy lines, born/dead, mf doom, busdriver, choking victim, leftover crack, morning glory, indk, conflict, the clash, municipal waste, joy division, conreavene, antischism, dystopia, gogol bordello, gwar, le scrawl, limp wrist, crucial unit, the melvins, ween, rudimentary peni, subhumans, this bike is a pipe bomb, the sex pistols, defiance ohio, crass, that should give you an idea, but there is more.

likes: shows, bikes, hanging out, 40s, sewing, makeup, making things, comic books, drawing/painting art in general, movies, parks, dya glo,cereal

dislikes: most people, meat, neutral colors, i dont like alot of stuff

im to lazy to do an lj cut so if you want to see what i look like

(if you add me comment or send me a message saying who you are)
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hi girls! [12/28/06 @ 2:41pm]

[ mood | woo! ]

i'm johanna and i'm from stockholm, sweden.

i love punk and having a cunt.. at least three weeks out of the month.

recently i've taken a real huge interest in feminist literature, any tips?

i found this community when i put "ghost mice" in the search thingy here on LJ as an interest. so yay you guys like ghost mice! =) i'm listening to Europe right now and it's so great.

this is what i look like...although i'm not blonde anymore.Collapse )


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[12/24/06 @ 9:07pm]

So I've been super, duper fucking, times 80, inactive.
So how's everyone doing?

anyone been to any tight shows as of late?

Angel I miss you!
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[12/24/06 @ 7:36am]

How do you get your big hair? I mean, if any of you poof up your hair in that raw punk or UK82 fashion I'd love it if you post your hair secrets.
By the way, I'd love you even more if you can tell me about any products that can help to get that style that aren't hair spray.
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[12/7/06 @ 5:27pm]

Hey everyone.

Well, since no one's really online, or anything, I'm going to go on of a bit of a rant here.

Now, I don't know what the hardcore scene is like wherever you guys are, but here around Atlanta, and even in Lawrenceville, it's really good, and picking up pace. A ton of kids into all different types of music just come out and have fun. It's really awesome.

Well, anyway, a couple Saturdays ago, there was a show at this church, Central Christian Church. Over the past few months, we've had like, maybe two shows a month there. It's really awesome. It always seems like there's a show going on there.
The big bands in the local scene right now are Overdose, Above the Influence (or, now, Built Ford Tough), xThe Effortx, and others. You should look them up on Myspace if you get a chance.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. This show had Overdose, Lions of Judah, Signs of Hope, Choked Out, and a few other bands. Now, since this is a church, most of the bands playing are both Christian and Straight Edge, and when they play their sets, they explain to the crowd that they aren't there to shove what they beleive down anyone's throat, and that they respect you no matter what, etc.

Well, Choked Out is pretty much the exact opposite of that (atheist, not straight edge, "ATL hate crew", etc.). Well, when they got up to play, they really downed Christianity and Straight Edge. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the kids who came to see them play wrote stuff like "Jesus is a homosexual" all over the bathroom walls.

Something similar has happened like this before there, and it was shut down for a while. But, the people at the church were nice enough to let kids open it back up and use it as a venue again. This time though, it's been shut down for good, all because these kids and this band have no respect, and only care about keeping their "tough guy" image and bashing other peoples morals. This also gives the people at the church the worst impressions of any kid who goes to hardcore or punk shows, and just ups the stereotype of a "misled youth who listens to that devil music" or whatever.

Now, to me, hardcore seems to have always been a place to share what you believe and what you think, and present your morals in an environment where you don't have to worry about people being critical of you for it. Whether it be straight edge, vegetarianism/veganism, religion, DIY ethics, biking and environmentalism, living positive, or whatever else you hold close to your heart. No one is ever coerced into thinking something that they don't want to beleive, and respect is usually at the top of most kids lists.

This to me just seems like the exact opposite of that. These kids are destroying their own scene. By coming to a show at a church, they knew that a Christ centered, Straight Edge message would be presented by some of the bands. Instead of being respecful of them, they attack their morals, and end up getting an all ages venue with great sound, plenty of space, and close by shut down for good.
The only local venue left is the Treehouse, which will be back open in a few weeks, and The Loaf, which doesn't even put on that great of shows anymore.

I know most of you in this community are probably not into hardcore, but I guess I felt like sharing this with you to see if any of you have had any similar experiences with your scene.
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let me get this over with. [11/16/06 @ 12:45am]

Name/Nickname: ingrid.
Age: fifteen.
I Am A: grrl.
Status: single. whatever.
Favorite Bands: discharge, the adicts, dead kennedys, anti cimex, minor threat, disclose, nausea, the germs, gg allin, cock sparrer, xray spex, etc.
Likes/Dislikes: i like good people, good times, good fun/ i hate ignorance, annoying or boring people, etc.
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[11/11/06 @ 6:07am]

everyone id post back to you on your topics but i cant read half of them cause of the layout. and i cant click anything. anyway we can change that mods?
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[11/11/06 @ 2:09am]

This place is kinda inactive soo.. Uhh. Lets start a discussion.

Does anyone have any fun stories from shows?
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[11/5/06 @ 10:42am]

So, I was listening to that Anti-Flag song "911 for Peace", and thought I'd write this. I havn't written anything in a long time, so it's not too good. Enjoy.

We see it all across the world, everyday
In the headlines and nightly news broadcasts
Shipping out the poor and lower class
To fight our wars for conquest and power
Poison gas and nuclear weapons
Pseudo-patriotism and freedom through violence
The time to stand together is now
Don’t give me a gun, give me your hand
We’ll stand together against what we know is wrong
Unite and mobilize against the nightmare of war
After all the casualties and blood that has been shed
The truth remains: war is hell
This country should be built on brotherhood, not the graves of our brothers
How many more have to die before we realize peace and liberation are not achieved through destruction?

"The real horror of war is our belief that it cannot be prevented" - crass
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[10/28/06 @ 11:25am]


happy halloween everyone!
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[10/25/06 @ 1:15pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Name/Nickname: Blanca Esther
Age: 19
I Am A: Smelly girl
Status: in a relationship, but an open one.
Favorite Bands: Operation Ivy, Bikini Kill, The Selecter, Dead Kennedys, Crass, Minor Threat, The Untouchables, The b-52s, Chumbawamba (they were an anarcho-uk punk band back in the day, I swear), and hell of 2 tone ska.
Likes: bikes, hobo-ing, food not bombs, photography, art, sewing, zines, running stop lights.
dislikes: police, abusive people, capitalism, the english language, cars, dairy and meat.

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[10/19/06 @ 10:11pm]

this is lookwhosedead. I joined the community before, but I wasn't exactly active. Then, I made a new journal & joined so uh. Hi.

But on another note, does anyone know of any bands that have a somewhat similar style as the Slits? I was thinking about it, and I can't really think of any.. Hah.
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