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Name/Nickname: Esther, Tanky
I Am A:cunt
Favorite Bands: lotssss. adicts, against me, dead kennedys, discharge, nausea, x ray spex, le tigre, gravy train!!!, aus rotten, bad brains, bikini kill, behind enemy lines, born/dead, mf doom, busdriver, choking victim, leftover crack, morning glory, indk, conflict, the clash, municipal waste, joy division, conreavene, antischism, dystopia, gogol bordello, gwar, le scrawl, limp wrist, crucial unit, the melvins, ween, rudimentary peni, subhumans, this bike is a pipe bomb, the sex pistols, defiance ohio, crass, that should give you an idea, but there is more.

likes: shows, bikes, hanging out, 40s, sewing, makeup, making things, comic books, drawing/painting art in general, movies, parks, dya glo,cereal

dislikes: most people, meat, neutral colors, i dont like alot of stuff

im to lazy to do an lj cut so if you want to see what i look like
(if you add me comment or send me a message saying who you are)
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