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So, I was listening to that Anti-Flag song "911 for Peace", and thought I'd write this. I havn't written anything in a long time, so it's not too good. Enjoy.

We see it all across the world, everyday
In the headlines and nightly news broadcasts
Shipping out the poor and lower class
To fight our wars for conquest and power
Poison gas and nuclear weapons
Pseudo-patriotism and freedom through violence
The time to stand together is now
Don’t give me a gun, give me your hand
We’ll stand together against what we know is wrong
Unite and mobilize against the nightmare of war
After all the casualties and blood that has been shed
The truth remains: war is hell
This country should be built on brotherhood, not the graves of our brothers
How many more have to die before we realize peace and liberation are not achieved through destruction?

"The real horror of war is our belief that it cannot be prevented" - crass
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